"Reasons why we profoundly need a pro-choice/pro-Life forum…


  1. Students are exposed to this topic daily and need more information.

  2. Headlines and news blurbs are not a sufficient education about the topic.

  3. It can be difficult to obtain balanced and thorough information.

  4. As a volatile issue, many churches, campuses and other groups avoid providing the important information

  5. needed.

  6. Abortions affect over 1 million women, the unborn at various developmental stages, men and others annually in the United States.

  7. Students are still being molded and need all the facts to make a mature decision.

  8. As a life and death issue, it deserves the same if not more attention than issues like politics and sexual identity.

  9. Abortion can be a divisive social issue and needs to be discussed in a mature environment.

  10. We need open and honest conversations about abortion and motherhood.

  11. It is wise to consider what to do if one becomes pregnant before rather than when panic sets in.

  12. Collecting various advocacy groups together at one forum will help provide a fuller picture of the issue.

  13. The choices made by pregnant mothers will have an unknown lifetime of emotional and physical effects on the mother and her embryo, as well as others.

  14. This type of forum can answer questions like the following.

  15. What can someone do if a friend or family member gets pregnant?

  16. Is abortion a religious issue and/or is it also a social concern?

  17. How much does an abortion cost?

  18. How is an abortion done?

  19. What are the medical effects for those involved?

  20. When does a child in the womb become a person with rights?

  21. What does the law say, Roe v Wade, etc.…?

  22. Is the outreach community able to help the mother in need?

  23. What about rape and incest?

  24. Doesn’t birth control work?"

  25. ....


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