Alexander Tsiaras: Conception to birth visualized

Women with a Powerful Story

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First - Forum Questions


1.  Explain Roe v. Wade and summarize its pros or cons.

2.  When does human life begin in the womb?

3.  How should a person’s bodily autonomy, as in “it’s my body and my choice", impact the abortion question?”

4.  What role, if any, does the government play in women’s reproductive lives?


Second – Forum Questions


5.  How would cases of fetal deformities, Down Syndrome, and pregnancies from rape, affect the abortion issue?

6.  What if making abortion illegal forces some women into dangerous back alley abortions?

7.  How does the baby’s ability to feel pain impact the question of a woman’s right to an abortion?

8.  How does a baby’s need to be loved impact the abortion question?



Q & A

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